This log does not include all changes but is a summary of major features, updates, and fixes.

  • Enhancement: Changed overall workflow of scraper to eliminate request timeouts on some servers. (Pending release on September 8, 2021)
  • Feature: Added two-way sms interface for quick comminication with leads that reply to messages, etc.
  • Feature: Added SMS Broadcasts allowing sending of sms messages to leads
  • Enhancement: Allow multiple search phrases while scanning
  • Enhancement: Limit broadcasts to filtered items
  • Enhancement: Clickable phone numbers
  • Enhancement: Added email filter option and stats of leads that have email addresses.
  • Enhancement: Added email-only quick copy-and-paste/export access.
  • Enhancement: Moved email field in csv export to the left for easier access
  • Fix issue related to new locations
  • Many other fixes and adjustments made



This is a list of planned future enhancements. It can change based on user demand or requests and importance. Development time is also a factor in deciding which items have priority. The following is in no particular order.

  • Webhooks
  • Select export fields
  • Improve filter settings UI
  • Filter on social media links
  • Manually delete or suppress a record
  • Manually add a record
  • Order locations list alphabetically
  • Scan for social media sharing metadata
  • Ability to select multiple locations for scanning
  • Flag record as lead, follow up, etc
  • Integrate two-way sms into main interface
  • Move record to another list
  • Search all lists – global search